What's the Field To You ?

We all have our own perspectives - let us know yours !


James Hodgson's "View of a Field"

"The Field", as it is affectionately known by most who use it, has been an open space for an indeterminate length of time.

The local road system has played its part in defining it. The Avenue was built in 1900 to serve the Royal Masonic School and the trees in the Avenue were planted at that time. Grange Road must also have appeared at about the same time. Finch Lane and some of Falconer Rd also border the field. The rest of the boundary separates it from the two School grounds, Bushey Academy and Bushey Manor Primary School. These boundaries enclose an area of 30 acres or 12.2 hectares which is a mile in circumference - keeping right to the perimeter !

An observant visitor can see a wide variety of wild life. Birds include crows, jackdaws, blackbirds, larks, robins, finches, nuthatch, sparrows, pigeons, starlings, herons, cuckoos, wood peckers – even parakeets ! I have also seen foxes, the occasional rabbit, field mouse, shrew, hedgehog and frog. I also came a cross a dead deer ! There is a regular arboretum of trees including a “truant” cherry from some local garden. More impressively there is even an oak grown from an acorn from a tree still standing in the grounds of Buckingham Palace  - which may even have blue sap ! Together with the plethora of wild flowers, shrubs and bushes there is much to identify or puzzle the casual walker with inquisitive offspring.

Our field is unique in that the Bushey Manor Field Trust was set up to protect it and to ensure that it remains just that - a field. No development of any sort is allowed to intrude into this space which was given to the people of Bushey for "non specific recreational purposes". However, improvements to fencing,and hedging and necessary tree work took place, two "kissing gates" were constructed and a notice board and two bins were installed.

A walker in the field can see a partial view of Watford, the magnificent Royal Masonic School building ( built in 1901) and the fine houses that look over the field. But the most important thing a walker can see is space !

In the time I have regularly used the field I have seen it used by snowman builders, kite flyers, model aeroplane flyers, cyclists, sun bathers, joggers, walkers (even without dogs ! ) and school children using it as a short cut. Also of course by a host of local residents and their plethora of different breeds of dog – a use which has generated much debate in our Bushey community.

Now the “infrastructure” is in place we intend to maintain it and to identify a range of occasional events to delight us ! All will be revealed in due course on the Activities section of the Enjoy page.

James Hodgson

March, 2011